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HI!Hotels International, from Thomas Cook Group, manages in an integrated way all its hotels with QuoHotel and Quonext

Caso-de-exito-hi-hotels-international-quohotel«All daily hotels information required by our CEO, COO or Sales Manager is easily available in the shortest time from QuoHotel»

Toni Ramírez, IT Director in Hi!Hotels International

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Hi!Hotels International/ Thomas Cook

HI!Hotels International is a hotel chain born in 2007 that belongs to Thomas Cook Group. Until 2002, and under another name, it had a Hotel Management System that forced the company to perform manually a great amount of its business processes.

In order to manage in an integrated way all its hotel businesses using a single solution, Hi! Hotels International decided to install QuoHotel and all its modules.

QuoHotel, an easy software that helps to save time

From Hi!Hotels point of view, QuoHotel is a very friendly solution that eases its employees
work when dealing with complex processes such as costs evaluation, contracts
creation and replication to all establishments, bulk check-in or check out, etc.

According to Toni Ramirez, IT manager in Hi!Hotels, “for instance, accounting closures
in all our hotels, that previously needed a whole week, now are performed in
only 2 days”.

Being a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV is another point highlighted by
Mr. Ramírez. Microsoft’s environment is complemented by another products such as
Office, easing the user’s work: it is a well-known framework and can be quickly and
easily learned.

Download Hi! Hotels International case study

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