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Bull Hotels grows and innovates with QuoHotel

bull-hotels-caso-exito-quohotel-quonext-249px«We want to keep on working with Quonext. We have been growing with them, and they have helped us with solutions to all technological and sales problems we have been facing. Quonext knows us in deep, and they help Bull Hotels to keep on innovating”

Pedro Sarmiento, IT Manager at Bull Hotels

Bull Hotels

Bull Hotels is one of the most important companies of the Tourism & Hospitality industry in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). This hotel chain consists of 6 urban and holidays hotels, which provide all-inclusive services, spa, Wi-Fi…

It also includes world-renowned restaurants, such as Summum, focused on a mix of Peruvian / Japanese / European cuisine.


Process integration and Direct sales growth, main benefits

Nowadays, this hotel chain has a QuoHotel solution to manage all Front and Back Office activity from of each one of its hotels and also the whole group. It has also implemented additional modules (such as POS) and financial management.

Pedro Sarmiento states: “Quonext has helped us to integrate all this into a single solution. Each one of our hotels can be individually managed and controlled with QuoHotel and its replication program, and also replicate all their information to the central. This enhances everything.”

Bull Hotels wants to achieve maximum independence from traditional channels sales. QuoHotel also helps: direct sales are increasing thanks to integration of its booking central with the application.


Quonext, Bull Hotels’ trusted partner

Pedro Sarmiento, IT manager at Bull Hotels, has a very positive vision of this chain relationship with Quonext: “we have been growing with them, and they have helped us with solutions to all technological and sales problems we have been facing. Quonext knows us in deep, and they help Bull Hotels to keep on innovating.”

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