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Adria Airways flies high with Atennea Air

adria-airways«Adria managed with installing Atennea Air better to forecasted the cost and easier to take action in case of discrepancies between forecasted and planned figures. At the same time, Atennea Air helped us in optimization on cost side giving us right information at the right time«

Jožef Režek, Head of Controlling at Adria Airways

Adria Airways

The largest airline in Slovenia and one of the most important companies in this Middle European country has more than 50 years of experience connecting Slovenia to a lot of European cities with its weekly 194 scheduled flights. The company also provides world-class connections to the South East of Europe, with serial and ad-hoc charter flights the main touristic destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Adria Airways joined Star Alliance in December 2004, besides airlines such as Lufthansa, TAP Portugal and Turkish Airlines. Because of this, the Company accesses a global network with flights to 193 countries.

Its fleet consists of 3 Airbus A319, 6 Bombardier CRJ900, 1 Bombardier CRJ700 and 1 Bombardier CRJ200.

Benefits: better Costs control

Adria explored the market looking for a already tested software to improve its business processes, especially in Costs management, Budget calculation and New routes study.

The Slovenian company chose Atennea Air, Quonext Tourism’ solution for Airlines industry. The reasons were clear: it is a vertical solution built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a lot of experience in this industry, and also, as Iztok Franko (IT & Marketing Director at Adria Airways) states: “the standard solution met all our needs, with minimal developments. Being built on Microsoft’s platform and 100% communicating with NAV also helped that our employees adopted it in a fast and easy way.”

Atennea Air installation in Adria Airways only took 4 months in 2011, from February to June. The airline currently operates at full capacity with the following Atennea Air modules:

  • Commercial
  • Contracts
  • Invocing
  • Flight Reports
  • Budgeting
  • DOCs (Operational Direct costs)

Atennea Air allows Adria Airways to manage its costs much easier and faster than with its previous system: Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Atennea Air are integrated, allowing communication and information analysis. It also has greater control of the operational charter and costs of charter and scheduled flights, obtaining accurate results.

The IT & Marketing Director at Adria Airways also stands out the agility and speed when controlling received invoices: “We can import vendor invoice specifications from different data formats. At the moment we import over 30% of invoice specifications (detailed data about costs of each leg). The possibility of different types of budgeting is also very useful – we simulate many options.”

Quonext, the most reliable partner

With Quonext, Adria Airways has a technological partner in which it can trust: it has always met the airline needs in the most fast and professional way. The first example was the implementation process, which only lasted 4 months.

The IT & Marketing Director at Adria Airways comments: “We are very satisfied with the whole implementation team. Quonext has excellent knowledge about NAV and the Airline industry. They listened to our needs and advised us”. Referring to the Support Service, he stands: “if we need it, we always get good services”.

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