QuoPOS Hotels, POS software for hotels and hotel chains

Hospitatility and Technology have no secrets for Quonext Tourism. Because of this, we are proud to provide hotels and hotel chains QuoPOS Hotels, a global Point of Sale (POS) solution for these businesses.

100% built on Microsoft technology, this advanced POS software is an essential tool for their usual sales processes management with outstanding features such as:

  • Full integration with the PMS software used to manage your hotel business, that includes information from sales via QuoPOS
  • 100% adaptation to mobile devices, which helps to increase turnover
  • Perfect adaptation to each hotel specific features, and synchronization with centralized management of hotel chains
  • Complete resources for agile and safe guest and customer services

The POS software QuoPOS Hotels allows single hotels and hotel chains to get the most out of their minor sales and services for guests (or visitors) which complement their core business: accommodation. Activity taking place in the hotel restaurants, cafés and souvenir shops is a good example.

The POS program QuoPOS Hotels ensures a friendly, agile and secure service, making guests and visitors to feel at home and be back in the future. In other words, it transforms these minor sales into great opportunities to increase customer satisfaction.

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Key features of QuoPOS Hotels, the POS software for hotels and hotel chains

Adaptability of the POS program for hotels

QuoPOS Hotels can be adapted to each one of the needs of the hotel establishments:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shop
  • Clubs
  • Spas
  • Etc.

This POS program for hotels is also able to include maps of tables, customised buttons set-up, PDA for orders, kitchen screens, etc.

Offline and online Sales

The advanced technology of QuoPOS Hotels, the POS software for hotels, allows TPV devices to connect servers via TCP / IP (both LAN and WAN), submitting all configuration changes (new items, prices, ATMs, etc.) from central database to all points of sale, and all transactions from POS to central database

This POS software for hotels and hotel chains works off-line when connections fail, locally saving all transactions until communication is restored. Then, all cash-desk operations are automatically transmitted to central database with no user intervention.


From your hotel or hotels chain PMS Back-office, the POS software for hotels and hotel chains of Quonext Tourism allows a centralized definition of basic parameters such as:

  • Establishments
  • Cashiers
  • Articles/goods
  • Prices
  • Etc.

From the POS Front End, users can perform in a simple way processes such as:

  • Room services charges
  • Customer credit queries
  • Hired regime queries

Modules of QuoPOS Hotels, the POS solution for hotels and hotel chains

Tables Management

Tickets Management

Collections Management

Orders and Peripherals

Benefits of QuoPOS Hotels, the POS software for hotels and hotel chains

QuoPOS Hotels, the hotel and hotel chains POS solution built on Microsoft’s technology, helps your hotel or hotel chain to benefit from advantages such as:

  • Improvement of your hotel services for guests and visitors
  • Optimisation of your hotel’s POS performance, setting up primary and secondary terminals
  • Agile and secure payments in any of your hotel establishments
  • Increased sales volume, taking profit from the multiple opportunities provided by the use of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)
  • Offline/online connectivity to your PMS software
  • Automatic room and occupants charges
  • Cash control and inclusion in your hotel PMS software cash-desk closing process

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Some customers

«We want to keep on working with Quonext. We have been growing with them, and they have helped us with solutions to all technological and sales problems we have been facing. Quonext knows us in deep, and they help Bull Hotels to keep on innovating»

Pedro Sarmiento
IT Manager Bull Hotels

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