Spa & Wellness Hotels and hotels chain ERP and PMS software automates processes

QuoHotel, the comprehensive hotel ERP and PMS management software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), provides the possibility to manage basic spas or spa & wellness establishments in an integrated way.

This sort of establishments has treatment packages or individual services offers, with or without included stay. They also use complete control tools for the regular customers.

Our spa ERP software is also adapted to medical or therapeutic spas, providing a personalized medical care agenda and a medical records control. Moreover, it adapts the services to the doctor’s recommendations and opinions.

This spa & wellness management software covers the partner management needs offering regular services, such as gyms and water centers control, and the ability to generate a partner’s portfolio with prices and special deals.

Quonita and QuoHotel: a success story

All these options are managed by QuoHotel Spa & Wellness module which provides the user all the occupancy control facilities, fares and daily use flexibility.

According to its advanced features, this hotel & spa ERP software will select the best available fare compatible with the set conditions in agency, purchasing center or direct customer.

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Why does my hotel need a PMS?
Increase in profits and Service Improvement

  • Discover the benefits of an integrated and real-time management software for your hotel or hotel chain

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Discover the advantages of the Spa & Wellness Hotel and hotels chain ERP and PMS management software

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  • Flexibility through QuoHotel modular functionality
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
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Advanced features included in the Spa & Wellness Hotels ERP and PMS management software modules

QuoHotel allows you enhance the hotels competitiveness automating their internal processes global management and providing complete tools to manage each one of the hotel areas efficiently.


Spa & Wellness

Spa & wellness ERP and CRM software offers a complete management of the services offered at its facilities, automating the planning and optimizing the allocation of therapists and specialists.



A complete profile for each spa service can be defined, indicating the estimated time duration, equipment related to service, necessary materials, specialist, etc. Once the services are defined, users are able to group them to manage services as programs or service packages. The spa & wellness management software also includes the medical incompatibilities between potential customer’s conditions and the offered services. All rates and prices management are integrated with all the other QuoHotel features, so users are able to manage the spa and wellness service rates together with other services offered on your facilities.



This ERP & PMS software includes an interactive graphical display that lets users manage the planning according to the establishment occupancy or the specialists and therapists. At a glance, users will know the facilities and staff occupation, apply different filters to specific views and make the necessary changes and adjustments to optimize their resources, being able to define different schedules for each day of the year.



This module provides the ability to manage bookings made directly from Front Office, booking programs or packages. Spa bookings allows users manage the requested dates, if they have been confirmed or not, rates type and seasonal conditions, as well as services details. Once bookings are made, a planning is automatically generated. This planning includes the cubicles, equipment and specialists’ allocation, according to the user specific business rules. You are able to give priority to the maximum staff assignment and eliminate downtime.


Spa & wellness ERP management software rates

Users are able to set different services rates according to the dates or periods, depending on the selected programs or service packages.

In conclusion, the spa and wellness ERP and PMS software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) offers you an innovative way to manage your establishment in the most simple and efficient way, getting results from the first moment. Take the next step to grow your business and discover the benefits that our spa & wellness management software offers you.

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