QuoHotel is the ERP and PMS which improves your establishment profitability

QuoHotel, the city hotel management software, is an ERP and PMS management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) that optimizes all your establishment control improving the whole business management in a quickly, efficiently and safely way.

Considering that city hotels needs change depending on seasons, type of customers and promotions, the solution is fully adapted to these current and future requirements.

This ERP and PMS management software has a powerful tool to control the events at all levels, both in the room and the evolution and billing.

QuoHotel provides you the flexibility, ease of management and sales price control needed to manage a large volume of short stays. In addition, a complete and automatic online sales integration through any channel is included.

Using QuoHotel, the city hotels management software and system, you are able to perform e-marketing actions to increase business opportunities and customers database information with detailed and real information.

All these potential preferences are also acknowledged, so your hotel is capable to offer them a more customized service.

Quonita and QuoHotel: a success story

Special mention must also be made of this software integration capability with hotel peripheries such as switchboards, magnetic stripe cards, Pay-TV systems or document scanner.

Because this PMS and ERP city hotel software is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) platform, you will not have any problem to integrate, query or extract data with other Microsoft software as it is fully integrated with other Microsoft products: Office, Outlook, and Operating Systems.

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Why does my hotel need a PMS?
Increase in profits and Service Improvement

  • Discover the benefits of an integrated and real-time management software for your hotel or hotel chain

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Product Sheet: QuoHotel, Management Software for Holiday HotelsWhy does my hotel need a PMS?


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Discover the advantages of the City Hotel and hotel chains management software (ERP and PMS)

Competitive Advantages
  • Proven experience
  • Hotels orientation
  • Flexibility through QuoHotel modular functionality
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
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Advanced features included in the city hotels managing software modules

QuoHotel is the ERP and PMS software that meets the needs of a city hotel or hotel chain. The management of daily prices through rates, the new Booking center and the business group management respond to these requirements.


Business Group

Using this feature, business group’s bookings are completely handled by QuoHotel. This tool creates the business group budget both in terms of rooms total and detail, extras like hall rent, coffee breaks, etc. In addition, the city hotel PMS software detects the actual availability during the different group booking phases (proposal, booking and cancellation), carrying out the check-in processes and the room’s massive allocation.


Booking Center

Through this QuoHotel module, your booking department will have its own working environment. In a quick and easy way, you will be able to manage bookings (for example via a call center), controlling at any time the different hotels availability and fares. A single screen shows in real time the actual hotels availability for each query you make, because each hotel receives this online query instantly, no matter if you use a centralized or distributed architecture. Filter options such as location, dates, kind of people, etc. are included to view only the required information.

The booking center manages and updates constantly sales prices for each kind of customer. Users can block any fare sale or contract whenever they want. The final booking is automatically blocked at the destination hotel, keeping always keeping a booking log in the center.


Fares of Quohotel, management software for city hotels and chains

This QuoHotel feature manages the establishment fares according to contract-independent allocation criteria. You can set applying rates related to direct customers, agencies, companies, etc. and fares per day and rate and offer periods with start and end date of application. You can also set conditions (regimes, room type, etc.) to implement the fee. The system automatically selects the best available fare to support the configured conditions.

In conclusion, our ERP and PMS management software for holiday hotels QuoHotel offers you an innovative manner to manage your holiday hotel in the most simple and efficient way. You will get results from the very first moment. Take the next step in the growth of your business and discover the benefits that our hotel PMS software QuoHotel can offer you.

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