Atennea Transfer: ground passengers transportation management software

Atennea Transfer is a management software (ERP) for charter ground transportation companies, based on a set of modules integrated in a single information system and based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

This passenger transportation management software covers multiple industry-specific features and can be adapted to each business.

Moreover, Atennea Transfer speeds up the decision making process integrating comprehensive statistical and analytical reports.

Take a step forwards in your ground transportation company growth and discover all the benefits that Atennea Transfer, our ERP software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), is able to offer you.

Quonext Case Study – Nexus Tours: Software for incoming agencies and Passengers transfer (DMC)

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Competitive advantages of Atennea Transfer, the ground transportation management ERP software

Integrated management of all the ground transportation areas

Available information every time that is required

Integration with external devices

Advanced features in the modules of the passenger transportation management system


Vehicles & Drivers

The Ground transportation management software keeps a hiring history, and users are able to define different categories of contract and agreement between the company and the drivers. Atennea Transfer allows the definition of conditions regarding variable revenues receivable by drivers, driver levels or general agreements. The program also considers the assignment of work orders that have been filled in by each driver, automatically consolidating them and manually modifying these orders if they were applicable.

Atennea Transfer records each vehicle incidents and mishaps, even the fines management. It is also possible to manage spare parts warehouses and control the fuel consumption for further analytical control (link to petrol pump software).


Ground transportation services

The Ground transportation management software Atennea Transfer manages four categories of services requests, customizing them if it is necessary:

  • Individual services
  • Group Services (incentives and fairs)
  • Regular services (schools)
  • Shuttle services (low cost airport transfers)

This passenger transportation management system allows services integration via XML files (there is an established format). It is also linked to LOGISPLAN (third party software that optimizes the routes calculation process in order to improve the vehicles and drivers use).



Features contained in this ground transportation software module speed up the invoicing process with its multiple grouping or information detail possibilities, providing also the capability to perform automatic periodic invoicing and control the management of self-invoicing customers.


Costs control

Atennea Transfer has a complete supplier hiring program (including the added vehicles control) which reflects all the agreed conditions. Invoices can be checked with the information generated by this ground transportation software. It also allows self-invoices for suppliers creation.


Agile statistics to exploit information

Microsoft Dynamics NAV calculated fields technology used in Atennea Transfer allows this passenger transportation management system include agile statistics where users can browse until the information source, for both customers and vehicles and drivers.



Atennea Transfer includes a comprehensive module for hiring agencies that allows the prices per area, extra charges and minimums definition. The module also contains advanced utilities for copying and printing contracts.


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