Atennea Leisure, the leisure centre software (and for theme parks)

Atennea Leisure is a the park and leisure centre software, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and based on a set of applications integrated into a single data system.

This theme park and leisure centre software lets you manage POS in ticket offices, stores, photo stands, bars… and also handle bonuses, fees, closures or warehouses. The leisure management software considers all this industry needs, and can be 100% adapted to each company, establishment or area features.

Atennea Leisure is the leisure management software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision ERP) that offers an innovative way to further your theme park or leisure centre growth. Take a step forwards and discover all the benefits of our theme park software.

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Discover the leisure management software competitive advantages

Integrated management

The global theme park or leisure centre software integrates all areas (information is shared according to single data principle) and share can be used according to each user needs and access rights.

Real-time information of the leisure centre software

Users, regardless of the department they belong to, can work at every moment with real-time information because of the integration between all the theme park management software modules.

Integration of the leisure centre software

As a theme park management software built on Microsoft’s technology, Atennea Leisure enables simple and fast data exchange with Microsoft Office and also the use of advanced tools such as ODBC.

Front Office and Back Office modules of the theme park software (ERP)


Management Control

A complete queries set in statistical reports included in Atennea Leisure analyzes the information generated by the POS and compares it to costs, searching operations profit margins. Using this module, the leisure management software users can analyze statistics related to PAX, customer type, articles, customers, comparison to budgets, etc.



This Atennea Leisure module is a multi-warehouse application that manages the automatic product entry through purchase orders reception and automatically updates costs. Other advanced features of this theme park and leisure management software are the pricing definition and the requests and transfers between warehouses (cost centers) management, allowing online stock and its valuation to be known.



The theme park software Atennea Leisure includes a Commercial module that allows:

  • Fares with tour operators and agencies management
  • Loyalty cards handling
  • Vouchers or in advance admission ticketing

Vouchers are automatically processed at the ticket office POS, easing the customer billing process.



Offers, multiple discounts and relationships with suppliers can be efficiently managed by this module which also includes online credit alerts, fares management… Atennea Leisure provides users statistics related to purchases by product, supplier and pending delivery notes at any time.


POS definition

Atennea Leisure’s central database contains all the POS definition. The company administration staff can control the information to be displayed, and the end user only needs to manage the sale process.

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