Ground handling management software

Why does your ground handling services company need an ERP management software like Atennea Handling? Working in an airport, your company must automate a lot of processes:

  • Ramp services
  • Luggage handling (passengers & cargo)
  • Cleaning
  • Boarding and disembarkment of passengers
  • Etc.

If your business wants to provide an agile, accurate and high-quality service, you must rely on an information system managing all your activity seamlessly together in real time.

Quonext Tourism has a deep knowledge and experience working for the air industry companies, understanding 100% their complex needs.

Because of this we provide you Atennea Handling, an advanced and comprehensive ground handling management software based on a module set integrated in a unique information system.

Features such as information geographical distribution, adaptation to multiple enterprise setups and total integration into the Microsoft platform make Atennea Handling the ideal tool to streamline decisions in your ground handling business. The solution covers a wide range of these organisations operating characteristics.

Being a solution built on the well-known ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Atennea Handling lets you to enjoy all features of a management software which can be found in 130 countries with more than 1,000,000 users and incorporates a powerful platform to expand your business.

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Modules of Atennea Handling, ground handling software


As a remarkable ground handling software, Atennea Handling integrates IATA Type-B messaging for the automated load of the Airlines Schedule.

Schedule maintenance can be alternately or manually performed. Both options create daily operations from schedule. System also allows the manual creation of non-scheduled.


Features included in this module allow users to create your services catalog, the equipment types for each one of these services and the equipment inventory.

Creating basic ramp packages, your business can customize basic services according to the aircraft, airline and/or parking position.


The advanced business processes of this Atennea Handling module allow your Company to manage several warehouses (in the airport premises or outside), control flight load and unload operations, and also control load movements between the warehouses.

These Atennea Handling features ensure all containers and pallets traceability.

Passengers transportation

ground handling management software as Atennea Handling provides a global insight of all the vehicles movements for passengers’ transportation in the airport premises.


The equipments maintenance considers the entries in repair workshop entries control, in order to control the operations resources allocation and to avoid user errors.

This ground handling software can be 100% integrated with any third-party maintenance solution used by your company.


This module of this ground handling software features help your Company to perform a huge amount of processes with a high accuracy: available employees control, days off (scheduled o rotary) and absences (work leaves, holidays, etc.) management, employees allocation to the different work shifts and employees qualifications management.


Commercial management allows you to have a base rating system for all your services (commercial and general aviation).

Contracts with airlines including special conditions can be also managed through this module.


The Invoicing module gathers the provided services information, applying the rate prices to calculate the amount of each one of these services. Atennea Handling gets this information and generates invoices for the airlines.

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Advantages of Atennea Handling, ERP management software for ground handling services companies

Atennea Handling is a powerful ground handling software. Its main benefits are:

  • Manages all handing services using a single solution
  • Speeds up the invoicing of the services provided to airlines
  • Reduces administration costs automating processes
  • Increases your Company incomes, and also customers and passengers satisfaction
  • Improves your services quality
  • Reduces dramatically costs, according to the material & human resources optimization
  • Calculates all required resources according to forecasted operations
  • Controls all services in each operation
  • Helps you to easily create rates with a lot of alternatives
  • Generates invoices with no need of duplicating information

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