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Atennea Airport: The airport management software that improves your company

Atennea Airport is the ERP software for operations, resources and airport management based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). This solution includes a set of integrated modules into a unique ERP software.

This airport management system is structured in three levels –Airport, Headquarters and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Financial management, Purchases, Fixed assets, etc.)– which helps users to easily manage airports, both individual and groups.

Atennea Airport covers these areas:

  • AODB (Airport Operational Database),
  • RMS (Resources Management System),
  • Billing (Billing)
  • Commercial

By means of this airport management software, users are able to control the company activities, connecting the application to other systems on airports such as FIDS, BHS, SCP … and external solutions (airlines, air navigation, etc.).

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Competitive advantages in the comprehensive airport management software

Easy and intuitive navigation

Atennea Airport is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), the ERP software with more than 50.000 users and 1.200.000 installations worldwide. One of its key features is data browsing, allowing users to access the source information or related data. For example, if more details about the total invoicing are required, users are able to access with a single click the different addition items and, from that point, see the customer or supplier record which originated the invoice.

Communication interoperability with other Airport systems

Atennea Airport, the airport management software, can be integrated with other systems using web services technology, ensuring communication with other airport systems such as FIDS (Flight Information Display System), SCP (Security Check Point), CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment), BHS (Baggage Handling System), among others.

Comprehensive and integrated management

Airport information systems are usually divided into several areas, with little communication between them. Atennea Airport is structured in modules which keep the single data principle and can be used depending on each user needs and access rights.

Flexible airport management software

This comprehensive airport management software allows users to choose which modules their business needs. The solution can be adapted at any time to potential new requirements and expand its features when needed.

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Advanced features modules included in the airport software

Atennea Airport allows airports to bet on their growth. Take the next step and discover the benefits that this ERP software offers you.


Atennea Airport Base: AODB (Airport Operational Database)

Quonext’s airport management system helps users to o automate the different items assignment during an operation (gates, aircraft parking position, baggage carousels, check-in, etc.). This automation can be carried out by defining each airport parameters according to the airline, aircraft model and operation source, and can be added to the airlines system or air navigation entities through IATA messaging standards.

This airport management software also allows you to enter and manage flights not included in the scheduling season: i.e., unplanned airline flights, military flights, air ambulances, corporate flights or training flights.

This Atennea Airport feature helps users to adjust planning when forced by daily incidents (cancellations, delays, diversions, rerouting or other). Information may also come from IATA messages, which are automatically entered by the system.

This airport management software is also able to handle the operation additional data, including items such as passengers, equipment usage times, fuel refuelling, etc. in the subsequent billing process.

A tool for generating scenarios or simulations (“what if“ analysis) is also provided, with the purpose of anticipating the airport resources availability based on specific simulated conditions: new operations, schedule changes or works in airport infrastructure affecting the resources.


Atennea Airport Base: Billing (Billing)

The ERP software billing module allows the definition of rates adapted to each airport requirements, including the ability to set specific prices for airlines based on trade agreements.

This airport management software collects all operations information from AODB, (number of passengers, parking time, etc.) and any other concept defined in airport fares whose consumption has been registered in AODB. According to this information, Atennea Airport generates individual (per transaction) or bulk invoices. A wizard guides users through the billing process, determining conditions as dates, flight types, etc.


RMS (Resources Management System)

RMS graphical environment helps users to manage airport resources in a flexible and comfortable way. This environment allows resources assignment with a simple drag and drop process. Other RMS features are:

  • Resources occupancy blocking
  • Aircraft ground movement Creation
  • Historical mode view
  • Automatic resources allocation using the rules defined in AODB
  • Combined view of gates and parking positions for both resources planning
  • IATA Messaging access
  • Operation schedule modification


This airport management software module provides a complete management of the retail venues, infrastructures and airport advertising spaces. Atennea Airport allows creation and management of the rental agreements with tenants, including regular income, interests or royalties on sales, maintenance fee (cleaning, security, etc.) and additional services such as air conditioning, communications, power and other supplies.

An automated alerts system by email, related to the contracts maturity, is also provided. The module defines the various fees associated with the airport additional services, applying the appropriate rate for each contract.

The tool is 100% compatible with the Microsoft product offer, sharing data with applications in the Office suite. As Atennea Airports works with the SQL Server database, information extraction and analysis tasks are easy to perform, including reporting based on Business Intelligence.

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