Aviation industry: Atennea is the airports and airlines ERP solution

Atennea is the aviation industry ERP management software that provides a powerful tool for Charter, Executive (Jet), Regular and Cargo airlines. This software is also designed to manage airports, providing full control when handling each area operations, resources and administration.

Atennea is the aviation industry ERP management software built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that gives users a holistic view of the airline every time they need it, increasing business opportunities and controlling all areas. Information is easily and efficiently provided in real time.

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Aviation industry ERP management software


Atennea Airport: management software for airports

Atennea Airport is the airport ERP software to manage operations, resources and administration. It is based on a set of modules integrated into a single information system, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

This software has a 3-level structure: Airport, Headquarters and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), which includes financial management, purchasing, fixed assets, etc. It is able to manage both individual airports and airport groups.

Furthermore, this global solution for airports management covers AODB (Airport Operational Database), RMS (Resources Management System), Billing and Commercial areas.


Atennea Air: management software for airlines companies

Atennea Air is the airlines management software that integrates in a single ERP solution the operating and managing areas of airlines:

Maintaining the single data principle throughout the whole system. This solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and includes a graphical interface environment 100% compatible with Microsoft’s suite. Because of this, users find Atennea Air learning very intuitive and easy.


Atennea Handling: management software for ground services

Atennea Handling is the most advanced solution for your ground services (handling) company managament, based on a set of integrated modules into a single information system, with total integration into the Microsoft platform

Atennea Handling is the most suitable ERP for ground services (handling) companies, streamlining your decisions-making. The solution covers a wide range of these organisations operating characteristics.

Other remarkable capabilities of this software are the geographical allocation of your information and its perfect adaptation to multiple business set-ups.

Some customers

“Adria managed with installing Atennea Air better to forecasted the cost and easier to take action in case of discrepancies between forecasted and planned figures. At the same time, Atennea Air helped us in optimization on cost side giving us right information at the right time“

Jožef Režek
Head of Controlling at Adria Airways

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