The regular airlines ERP optimizes the integration with messaging systems

Atennea Air is a regular airlines ERP management software that integrates in a single ERP solution the operating and managing areas maintaining the single data principle throughout the whole system.

Flight tickets sales systems and other third-party solutions can be integrated in this regular airlines ERP management software by using IATA messaging. Moreover, this industry-specific ERP is flexible enough to perform customized integrations.

Atennea Air also helps you to monitor the flight, from recruitment, invoicing and planning to the results analysis, through operational monitoring, budgeting and flight simulations.


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Discover the advantages of Atennea Air, the regular airlines ERP management software

  • Unified and Centralized Management
  • Integration with other systems
  • Strict cost control
  • Flexible adaptation to the company

Advanced features included in Atennea Air, the software solution for Regular airlines management

Atennea Air is an ERP software which gives users an innovative way to manage their business, simplifying the work and getting the best business results. Take the next step to grow your airline and discover the benefits that our regular airlines software offers you.

Flight Quotations

Flight Reports

Commercial module

DOCs (Direct Operational Costs)

M.I.S. (Management Information System)

Crew Scheduling


On-Board Sales

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Some customers

“Adria managed with installing Atennea Air better to forecasted the cost and easier to take action in case of discrepancies between forecasted and planned figures. At the same time, Atennea Air helped us in optimization on cost side giving us right information at the right time“

Jožef Režek
Head of Controlling at Adria Airways

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