Atennea Air, the software for Airlines with competitive advantages

Atennea Air is an advanced software for airlines management which provides competitive advantages in areas such as:

  • Centralized management
  • Integration to external systems
  • Flights control (from planning to execution)

Charter, Regular, Jet and Cargo airlines take the maximum profit from this integrated management solution.

Fits The Industry and The Company

Atennea Air meets each airline (Regular, Charter, Cargo or Executive) specific needs. Its functionality can be customized for the individual needs of the airline.

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Competitive Advantages of the Airlines management software


Integration with Other Systems

Atennea Air is able to communicate with other subsystems of the company, through IATA messaging (Chapter 5 and 7, FFM files), XML files or web services, ensuring interoperability with other systems such as:

• Operations and Crew external systems

• Ticketing Systems

• ERP Systems (Finance, etc.)

• Aircraft Maintenance Systems

• Human Resources and Payroll systems


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Platform

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Atennea Air inherits its usability and navigation capabilities (filters, search, navigation…) as well as the international approach of NAV (multi-currency, multi-company, multi-language, etc.).
It is also 100% compatible with Microsoft products portfolio for enterprises. This software can share data with Office applications suite, and by working with the SQL Server database, eases the information extraction and analysis, being able to run reports based on Business Intelligence.


Standard Solution

Atennea Air is an integrated management system which provides a great and unique advantage: a proven working model that incorporates other airlines experience. Functional areas such as in-flight sales management, flight quotations, direct operating cost control, billing, among others, are considered as areas that may get a significant value contribution as a result of optimizing its procedures.


Integration with Other Systems

Atennea Air is a management software which integrates in a single solution all your airline major areas, recycling the information generated by each department, to be used by the rest, according to their respective needs and permissions.

Some customers

“Adria managed with installing Atennea Air better to forecasted the cost and easier to take action in case of discrepancies between forecasted and planned figures. At the same time, Atennea Air helped us in optimization on cost side giving us right information at the right time“

Jožef Režek
Head of Controlling at Adria Airways

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