QuoHotel Business Intelligence (BI) for hotels and hotel chains

The Business Intelligence (BI) module for QuoHotel, the ERP & PMS management software for hotels and chain hotels based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, has been designed to optimize the information analysis and the correct decision making for all those companies operating in the hotel industry.

This tool offers to our customers power and agility when sorting data and reaching conclusions, that will clearly allow your business to be more sustainable and profitable.

QuoHotel Business Intelligence module distributes its features among several Excel spreadsheets, which are clustered by workbooks, to ease understanding and increase user’s flexibility, achieving to perform all the queries according to hotels and dates.

The different analytical features (graphics, pivot tables, data presentation…) of the BI module are linked to OLAP cubes, which summarize all transactions in QuoHotel ERP software, adding dimensions and indicators. Thus, data is analyzed fast and with a highly detailed segmentation.

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Why does my hotel need a PMS?
Increase in profits and Service Improvement

  • Discover the benefits of an integrated and real-time management software for your hotel or hotel chain

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Product Sheet: QuoHotel, Management Software for Holiday HotelsWhy does my hotel need a PMS?

QuoHotel Business Intelligence features for hotels and hotel chains. Analysis and reporting

Occupancy Analysis

  • Monthly occupancy per tour operator (TO)
  • Occupancy per Hotel
  • Daily Occupancy
  • Prices per tour operators
  • Global overview

Exploitation analysis

  • Manufacturing per production centers group
  • Manufacturing per day
  • Average Price per room or available room
  • Manufacturing per customer
  • Manufacturing per Accounting Department

Sales Pickup Analysis

  • Sales state
  • Sales state per tour operators
  • Sales per period

Purchases Analysis

  • Articles per warehouse
  • Purchases per article groups
  • Suppliers comparison
  • Purchases evolution per month

Inventory Analysis

  • Stock valuation
  • Stock valuation per warehouse
  • Top 40 products

Financial Analysis

  • Chart of accounts
  • Costs distribution

Costs distribution

  • Cleaning materials
  • Expenses per purchases
  • Expenses per expenses categories
  • Expenses per period

Management Analysis

  • Exploitation benefit
  • Ocuppancy summary

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