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QuoHotel: hotels and hotel chains competitive advantages

The advanced hotels and hotel chains management software provides competitive advantages for establishments that have chosen QuoHotel as their global management solution, no matter if they are City, Holiday, Spa & Wellness or Resort hotels.

This hotel management software is designed to meet all the needs required by establishments, adapting itself to their daily procedures and providing a complete view of the business. A single tool with advanced features covers all hotel areas.

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Increase in profits and Service Improvement

  • Discover the benefits of an integrated and real-time management software for your hotel or hotel chain

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QuoHotel competitive advantages

Hotel system adaptability

This modular management software and its advanced features help users to choose which modules are required, adapting the solution at any time to their needs and extending functionalities only when they are needed.

QuoHotel is easilty adapted to the hotel business needs, no matter if is a holiday, city, spa or time sharing hotel, or even a hotel chain.

Hotel chain orientation

This management software has been built, from its very beginning, considering all peculiarities and needs related to a hotel chain management.

A single solution integrates both the global management of a hotel and the centralized management of several establishments, with their specific requirements (such as those related to Purchases & Booking Centrals, etc.).

Proven experience and hotel software specialists

QuoHotel has a customer base including more than 40 hotel chains, which in total are more than 600 establishments distributed throughout the 5 continents. Quonext professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism and IT industry.

Business Intelligence

The QuoHotel BI module has its functionality distributed among different worksheets or workbooks which contain dynamic charts and graphs linked to OLAP cubes, summarizing transactions, adding dimensions and indicators, which enable at high speed and with the desired detail the analysis of tasks such as:

  • Ocupation analysis
  • Exploitation
  • PickUp Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Financial and cost


The fully integrated functionality offered by our hotel software covers all the hotel business management areas:

  • Reception
  • Financial management
  • POS management
  • Stores
  • Central Purchasing
  • Booking
  • Loyalty
  • Quality
  • Etc.

Of course, it is integrated in all hotel peripherals such as:

  • Switchboards
  • Magnetic stripe key recorders
  • Document Scanner
  • Pay-TV systems

Discover the benefits of QuoHotel, Hotel Management Software

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Some customers

“We want to keep on working with Quonext. We have been growing with them, and they have helped us with solutions to all technological and sales problems we have been facing. Quonext knows us in deep, and they help Bull Hotels to keep on innovating”

Pedro Sarmiento
IT Manager Bull Hotels

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