Who is Quonext?

Quonext is the benchmark consultancy leader in digital transformation of businesses in Manufacturing, Distribution, Services and Tourism. Quonext has a deep technological and business know-how after 1200 implantations around the world.

We are a specialist team that provides a complete range of solutions (ERP, CRM, Document management and Business Intelligence) based on Microsoft platforms. Also, we added value services (management systems implementations & integrations, analytics and business consultancy, Infrastructure and specialised support) to help organisations in their adaptation process to the new environment.

Quonext has a Technological High Performance Centre, CDART, that offers software factory and custom software development services.

Our services and software


From consulting services to software implementation

One of the services we offer is: analysis consultancy in which we help the customer to choose the best software for his company, show all the tools for a quick and satisfactory implementation and lead the digital transformation process.


We have an ERP adapted to the size of your company and sector

An ERP is software that facilitates the management of business resources: Finance, Production, Purchasing, Sales, Projects, Marketing… In Quonext we lead digital transformation processes developing solutions for each sector, such as our ERPs for construction, transport and logistics, the ERP and PMS for hotels, and other sectors.


Manage relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers

Although a CRM solution has more value-added features such as social network management. Quonext develops solutions 100% adapted to the needs of each sector, such as real estate or hotel CRM.


Facilitates the work of your employees

A document management system is used to store, manage and control all the documents of your organisation. It is a way to organise documents and digital images centrally in order for employees to have quick and easy access.


Take better decisions with reports and graphics

Business Intelligence solutions transform your company’s data into information. We have different tools for the generation of reports and visual graphics. It allows you to observe what’s happening in the company (and why), predict what will happen and ultimately to take the right decisions.


Support in the management of the technological infrastructures

The maintenance and management of technological infrastructures is very important, since information technologies and management systems are stored in these and must always be operational and out of risk.

Specialisation sectors


Hotel business, airlines, incoming agencies, airports and theme parks. Find your sector and the solution you need.


Construction, developers, real estate, engineering, IT & software providers and different types of companies working with projects such as warehouse management, real estate management, logistics management and others.


Specialized software for companies in manufacturing machinery, furniture, industrial parts, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and many other divisions. Find a vertical solution for your sector.


Wholesalers, retailers, food and beverage distribution, logistics operators and many more. Discover the business management system for your distribution sector.

Management software for the Tourism industry

Quonext is also a well renowned IT vendor of management software for Tourism and Hospitality companies, providing industries such as:

These Tourism and Hospitality solutions are directly provided by Quonext all over the world, or via our selected partners in the most important countries.

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